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7 Traditions To Start With Your Little One

Think for a moment about the traditions you had as a child. Maybe your memories are of sitting at the breakfast table every Sunday enjoying a bowl of cereal while your parents read the paper. Perhaps it was going to the pool every day during the summer with your mom. Or maybe, as you got older, it was stopping at the donut shop for breakfast with dad on Fridays. Have you ever stopped to think about the impact these traditions had on you? They are not as trivial as you may think. No matter what they are, traditions are important. They help form the foundation of our relationships within our families. They remind us that we are loved and help shape who we are today and who we are likely to become. Here are seven traditions that you can do with your child that will create a lasting impression.

  1. Take a walk. Marvel at how excited kids get at the mundane things such as flashing street lights or a speeding motorcycle. Show your child the diversity in the world as you take in the sights around you.
  2. Special night out. Go to your favorite restaurant and enjoy a special treat. Watch your child’s eyes light up in excitement and gratitude.
  3. Wrestle Mania. Enjoy the opportunity to bond and laugh together in a physical way with weekly matches. Teach your child the importance of fun, but also boundaries.
  4. Go fishing in the summers. Enjoy the quiet time together and catch a glimpse into his thoughts as you dive into conversation. Take advantage of the chance to learn patience.
  5. Visit the local news stand. Create a special moment around reading and information gathering to not only connect, but to give your little one a foundation for growth.
  6. Go hiking. Explore nature and take in the beauty of the environment. Allow your child to struggle and persevere as you continue to the top and then see his sense of achievement once the summit is reached.
  7. Wash your car. Take the car for a wash with your little one and teach them the value of taking care of the things you own. Reward them afterwards with a smoothie for all their hard work. Granted they might not get the lesson now, but they will down the road.

Although certain traditions may be important to us, they may not be practical in our current season of life. Regardless, starting some sort of tradition with your child not only reinforces your bond and relationship, it also offers an opportunity to indirectly influence and shape your child for years to come. Not to mention all the great memories that come from them.

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We donate $100 dollars of each watch sold to the Navy SEAL Foundation in your honor.

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