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Sizing Your Watch | The Perfect size

One of the biggest challenges with online shopping — whether for a pair of jeans or a new shirt from an unknown brand — is knowing how something will fit you. And surprisingly enough, this same difficulty can apply to watches. As you shop online for your perfect watch, below are general sizing guidelines to consider.

The diameter of a watch case is the most significant and noticeable element when it comes to selecting the right watch. Men's watches usually range between 38mm to 46mm. Today, anything smaller than 38mm is considered a standard measurement for a women's watch, and anything more significant than 46mm is considered "oversized."

Our measurement guidelines can help you pick a more proportional watch for your wrist. To help guide you, start by measuring your wrist size. Do so by measuring your wrist's circumference with a flexible measuring tape slightly above your wrist bone closest to your forearm. A string and ruler also suffice. Match your wrist size with our recommendations below to help you pick the most appropriate size for you.

  • 6-inch wrist: Considered small. Small to medium diameter cases around 34mm - 38mm. 
  • 7 inch to 7.5 wrist: Considered average. 39mm, 40mm, and 42mm range will fit best.
  • 8 inch and larger: Considered Large. Cases between 44-46mm, or even 47mm, will give the wearer a more proportional look.

Although these are our guidelines, ultimately, the "correct" size comes down to personal preference and which size feels most comfortable to you. Of course, there are some clear guidelines to keep in mind. Smaller wrists should be wearing smaller watches, and larger wrists should be wearing larger watches. Remember, size does matter, but only to you. Currently, Declan James Watch Co. sells watches in 42mm only. Don't worry; if you're still unsure it's the right size for you, give it a shot and see how it looks and feels on you. We offer a worry-free, no-questions-asked return policy. It's that simple!

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