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I Have a Watch Addiction

I have a watch addiction and I want to be honest with you about it. I own a smartwatch and many other watches for just about every need and occasion in my life. That’s right you heard me, a smartwatch. That’s how deep my addiction goes. I also own a dive watch, a watch for when I go to the shooting range, a watch for yard work, a dress watch, a workout watch, and even a Sunday best watch.  I love watches that much. The truth is the list goes on and on. If you’re like the rest of the people who I have told this to you’re still stuck on the idea that I own a smartwatch. I have heard it a thousand times - “How does a watchmaker who longs for the simpler times own a smartwatch?” Let me say it again, I own a watch for just about every need and occasion in my life.

I love my smartwatch. I use it every time I work out. It is GPS, Bluetooth, and music capable. I will not work out without it. I have been known to drive back home from the gym to get it when I forget it on the counter. The watch serves its purpose and there is a time and place for it. Pardon the pun. Let me be clear, working out is the only time I wear my smartwatch. I would never wear it to go out to dinner, for a night out on the town, or even at the office with a nice suit or tucked in a dress shirt. I have a nice dress watch for those occasions and so should you. Think about it. Most of you would not wear a t-shirt to a nice steak dinner. You have multiple style shirts for multiple occasions. Most of you don’t own just one pair of shoes. You have gym shoes, suit shoes, and perhaps everyday shoes to wear around the house.  Most of you don’t own just one belt. You probably have a black and brown belt to match your shoes. Most of you don’t own exclusively dress clothes. You also own clothes to do yard work or relax in. I think you get my point.  

You do not limit yourself when it comes to clothes, shoes, or belts so why would you limit your style with just one watch and for most of you a smartwatch? You have many needs and many styles to go with those needs. A watch, and not just a smartwatch, offers you the ability to not only accessorize as a man but also suit your styling needs.  I get it, there is a time and place for a smartwatch. And when it's not that time or place I want to help you find the right watch to match for your occasion. After all, we do know watches. 



Brian Dougherty



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