10% of your entire purchase is donated in your honor to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Why I Started Declan James Watch Co.

Starting your own business is not easy. It’s an emotional roller-coaster from week to week, day to day, and even hour to hour.

The lessons I learned as a Navy SEAL prepared me to build Declan James Watch Co. and roll with the punches. A mentor of mine once told me, “It’s not that SEALs are amazing at what they do that makes them successful, it’s that they get back up every single time they are knocked down.”

That might sound obvious, but that’s because it’s true. If we gave up every time we lost or failed there would be nothing left. Embracing this mindset and accepting failure as a tool for growth has not only opened me up to new experiences in life, but more importantly it makes the impossible seem possible.

Ever since I can remember, I wore a watch because I loved their inherent beauty. A watch was always more to me than just a mechanical device that tells time. It offers a glimpse of how one perceives the world and environment they find themselves in. I started Declan James Co. because I wanted to give people the opportunity to express how they see the world. I also wanted to pass my passion for watches down to my sons and start a tradition with them.

This business can be difficult at times, it’s also incredibly rewarding to follow my passion and to pass on a time honored tradition to my sons.


Brian Dougherty

CEO & Founder, Declan James Watch Co.

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Our commitment to honoring the legacy of our heroes goes as far back as we can remember, which is why a 10% of your entire purchase is donated in your honor to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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