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Why Swiss Made Movements Are The Best

As the heart and brain of our time keeping devices, watch movement is undoubtedly the most important part of our watches at Declan James Watch Co. The watch simply can’t work without this. When it comes to a watch’s “movement”, Swiss-made movements are considered to be the highest standard of quality, which is why we use them in all of our watches.

When you buy a watch with a Swiss-made movement you’re making a statement that you have the best. Swiss movements are assembled using metal gears and often by hand. Most other non-Swiss movements use plastic gears. This means that Swiss movements do not wear as quickly as the non-Swiss movement. Also, many plastic movements are sealed and must be replaced, whereas the Swiss movements can be serviced. Moreover, because Swiss movements are hand assembled they are subject to a keen eye and individual quality control. Whereas a non-Swiss movement is typically assembled in large batches and on an assembly line.

Not to mention Swiss-made movements have centuries of heritage to back them up. The Swiss have been creating timepieces with some semblance of the same technology since the 16th century. This heritage in watch making has enabled them to perfect their art like no other.

Known for their reputation of high-quality and centuries of craftmanship, Swiss movements set the standard over others. They are designed to last and 

to give generations of wear. That means you can hand it down and start your own time honored tradition!

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